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Litigation services

Getting the law to work with you, not against you.

We have a diverse body of specialists who are expert in their respective areas bringing a confident, pragmatic yet flexible approach to any dispute.

We know that almost any client would want to resolve a dispute without resorting to the inevitable expense and stress of protracted litigation. At Paul Robinson Solicitors we pride ourselves on resolving the majority of disputes out of court before proceedings commence and keeping costs to a minimum.

Fast, cost-effective and pragmatic dispute resolution for you.

Paul Robinson Solicitors has the resources and the systems in place to deal with large, complex cases along with the less complicated ones but it will always consider reaching a resolution to your dispute outside of the Courts whether by Mediation or ADR [Alternative Dispute Resolution]. Frequently, the quickest and most effective way to resolve any dispute is out of court but, if required, Paul Robinson Solicitors’ Litigation lawyers have the  resources to fight your case for you.

Call us now and ask for the Litigation Department. Meet the Litigation Team below. We're on your side! 

Commercial Litigation

We provide advice to many companies who have disputes with suppliers, customers, banks and insurers. 
We are experienced in dealing with commercial disputes and understand the importance of thinking commercially and taking the time and trouble to familiarise with a client’s business and its needs.
We can also assist the consumer who has purchased or sold goods outside the business arena and has received faulty goods. 
We try to assist in resolving disputes rather than using the Court process and have experience in alternative dispute resolution. We can provide budgets for costs to give an indication at the outset as to what level of corporate commitment may be required.

Landlord & Tenant

Our Property Litigation department is able to offer a range of services to both Commercial Property and Residential Property clients, be they Landlord or Tenant. Ranging from drafting tenancy agreements, to pursuing possession proceedings, our solicitors are experienced in interpreting and implementing the detail that is important in a Landlord and Tenant relationship, whilst also being able to recognise your individual requirements to ensure that we are able to take your matter to conclusion promptly and cost effectively.

Should you wish to discuss your claim with one of our solicitors, or just have a general enquiry, please contact Lorraine Lancaster.

Property Litigation

Property disputes can take a number of forms, such as a dispute over the use of a right of way or similar right or obligation to issues involving damage caused by a neighbouring property to yours.  We have a wealth of experience in Property Litigation matters and are able to assist you in attending to your needs promptly and cost effectively.

Ensuring that your individual needs are considered are our priority. Our team will therefore consider your requirements in relation to your dispute at the very outset of you making contact with us and will guide you through what can often be an upsetting and stressful period of time.

Should you wish to discuss your dispute with one of our Solicitors, or just have a general enquiry, please contact Lorraine Lancaster in our Civil Litigation Department.

Debt Recovery

Are you owed money?
If you are owed money by an individual or business, we can assist you in the recovery of such debts. There are various options that will be open to you and our Debt Recovery specialists will advise you on the most cost effective and most suitable method of debt recovery.

Do you owe money? 
In the event that you are facing debt recovery proceedings and need assistance in defending such claims, we are here to help you.

We can assist with challenging claims that are disputed, whether a claim is yet to be issued by the creditor or is already in process at the County Court.  We can also assist in filing an application to set aside a Statutory Demand, in the event that you have been served with one and have grounds to dispute the debt. Where the debt is not disputed, we can give you advice on the potential options that may be open to you in the event that you consider that you are insolvent and can refer you to Insolvency Practitioners where appropriate.

We can also seek to advise you to advise you on entering into payment plans with your creditors.

Contentious Probate

Normally when a person dies, the family of the deceased will deal with their assets  as per the terms of the will or under the rules of intestacy and often little legal assistance is required. A contentious probate claim will however arise where a beneficiary challenges the will either because they believe the deceased did not have the mental capacity to make a valid will, or it was not made correctly, or the deceased was  influenced in some way. A person can also claim that they have not been left adequate provision from the Estate if they were closely related or a dependant of the deceased.

We can assist in providing initial advice as to whether you have a potential claim and if so what steps you should take immediately to protect the assets from being distributed, be notified if a Grant of Probate has been applied for and put a block on it, through to issue or defence of a claim.  If you are  an Executor and have no beneficial interest in the Estate but require legal advice then you are entitled to obtain this with the costs being borne by the Estate.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

We are keen to resolve disputes in the most practical and cost effective way for clients. At the outset of each case, we will consider if it is possible that a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) may be used to try to resolve the dispute. Even where Court proceedings have been issued, it may still be possible to utilise ADR to bring a swift conclusion to the proceedings, if the parties are willing to participate.

We have extensive experience in advising and representing parties at Mediation where it may be possible for the parties to reach solutions which  a Court would not be able to consider. We are also experienced in and are able to assist parties in the other forms of ADR, such as Adjudication, Arbitration and Expert Determinations. A key benefit of Mediation and the other forms of ADR is that by participating in such processes, the parties are more likely to preserve a relationship and to resolve a dispute more swiftly than incurring the costs, time and expense of litigation.

We will consider ADR with you when we first discuss your case, when we will provide further information concerning the process and consider whether it is a viable option for you.


Insolvency law is a specialised area and we are able to provide help in relation to both corporate and personal insolvency. For personal insolvency clients, we are able to offer assistance and advice if you are:
•considering bankruptcy or an IVA;
•have been made bankrupt;
•are a discharged bankrupt who is now facing a claim in relation to your property; or,
•are a bankrupt's spouse who requires assistance in dealing with the matrimonial home.

We can also consider the merits of any purported claim against you and advise of the options open to you. Our property department will assist as and where necessary in resolving issues.


We have significant experience in dealing with all manner of disputes which arise out of construction projects. We have worked for employers, contractors, sub-contractors and professionals engaged in a project. We understand each party may have different requirements and we tailor advice accordingly.  We have experience in adjudication, mediation, litigation and arbitration.

We aim to provide cost effective solutions to all your construction disputes. We can also advise upon terms of all contracts associated with a building project such as the contract itself, professional appointments, sub-contracts and collateral warranties. We consider risk assessment is key to any building project and knowing your obligations at the outset and the implications of what may be involved are very important to long term strategy.
We will work with our other teams in Commercial Property, Litigation and Employment and Corporate where appropriate, in order to provide you with a comprehensive service that is tailored to your needs. 

Claims Against Professional Advisors

Whilst we all hope that the professionals that we instruct will carry out their work with reasonable care and skill, it is unfortunately the case that some fail to do so, which in turn can give rise to a claim for professional negligence. We can assist you with claims for negligence, fraud, breach of contract and misrepresentation against (but not limited to) the following professions:

  • Solicitors
  • Barristers
  • Architects and Surveyors
  • Accountants
  • Financial Advisors and Managers
  • Insurance Brokers
  • Property Agents
  • Construction and Engineering Professionals

We have the experience and expertise to provide you with advice in respect of your matter and to consider the potential avenues open to you in order to reach a resolution – be it by issuing a claim at court, entering into mediation or entering into constructive correspondence.   We will discuss all options with you and also the cost ramifications of progressing your case at the outset and also at various stages of your matter.  You may in fact have the benefit of insurance to cover such a claim and in such cases, you should be able to recover all or some of your losses and also the costs of bringing a claim. Should you require advice in respect of such a claim or have a general enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact Fiona Colwell by email fcolwell@paulrobinson.co.uk or 01702 338338 and who will be happy to discuss your potential options.

Personal Injury

Suffering an injury in any circumstances is upsetting, and can cause significant disturbance to your daily routine. It is with this in mind that we aim to guide you through the claims process, to ensure that bringing a claim is a simple as possible. Whether your injury has been sustained as a result of a road accident, a slip or trip, an accident at work, or as a result of an assault or other criminal injury, our solicitors will be able to provide detailed advice to enable you to progress your claim in a manner which is suitable for you. To that end, we offer a number of funding options to our clients, to ensure that they are able to progress their claim, and will also undertake insurance or trade union funded work.

We also understand that some injuries may prevent you from attending our offices. In such circumstances we can arrange for home visits or for telephone conferences, to ensure that the process is a stress free as possible. Should you wish to discuss your claim with one of our solicitors, or just have a general enquiry, please contact Lorraine Lancaster.

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Associate Solicitor
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Fiona Colwell
Partner - Civil Litigation and Corporate Work
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Ana James-Pittau
Assistant Solicitor - Civil Litigation and Employment
Lorraine Lancaster
Partner - Head of Real Estate Litigation
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Fellow of CILEX – Head of Contentious Probate and Employment Lawyer
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Trainee Solicitor

A good resolution

I just want to say thank you so much for everything you've done from me and my family over the past few months. It wasn't exactly the easiest of times but you certainly always helped to put my mind at ease and made everything a lot less stressful than it could've been. There was a lot of frustration and injustice but I feel that we have reached a good resolution. So once again, thank you for getting us to this point

Clear and comprehensive

On behalf of my wife I received legal advice from Mr Mustak Bari from Paul Robinson LLP Solicitors. The advice received was very clear and comprehensive and it was evident Mr Bari was very knowledgable about the subject matter. I was delighted with the advice received and would highly recommend this firm of solicitors.
Mr J Mosey ACIB
Legal Advice

Pursuing the matter

[Ana], many thanks for bringing successful closure to this for me. I very much appreciate your time and effort spent in pursuing the matter and of course I am delighted with the end [result]. I do however hope very much that I do not need to call upon your services again in the future for any similar matter but look forward in working with you again on less ‘painful’ pursuits.
Mr C

Timely, professional and friendly service

I was very impressed.  Anxious time for me and uncertain of process and outcome.  Hayley Dear’s swiftness, professionalism and availability was most impressive.  
Mr K

Paul Robinson Solicitors LLP. Highly professional and going the extra mile.

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