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| 12 February 2019

Lexel Audit: The Result

Following our recent Lexcel Audit we have been classified, once again, by the independent assessor as a clear ‘Centre of Excellence’, which we understand to be the highest level of classification.  Among the assessor’s comments were:

“The Practice should continue to be highly commended for sustaining a high level of compliance against the Lexcel Standard.  Indeed, compliance remains very deeply embedded within the ethos and culture of the Practice”

“The Practice should continue to be commended for their open, transparent approach in providing information to staff.  This continues to be very positively commented upon by all interviewees - particularly those recruited from other Firms”

“The Practice should continue to be highly commended for its very comprehensive approach to diversity and inclusion”

“The Practice should continue to be highly recommended for the very high standards of file management which continue to be evidenced across Fee Earners - the standards remain immaculate”

“The calibre of support staff continues to rank amongst the best that the writer has experienced”

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