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| 18 April 2018

Motoring Offences: New Rules, X Marks the Spot.

Did you know that as of March 2018 you can be fined £100 and 3 penalty points for misusing the motorway? Highways England are now utilising ANPR cameras on smart motorways to catch drivers using the hard shoulder when it is closed or using lanes marked with an ‘X’.

It comes as no surprise that the law surrounding road traffic matters is increasingly complex. Drivers using a phone whilst the car is in ignition face up to six penalty points and a fine, whilst those convicted of drink/drug driving will face disqualification from driving.

If you accumulate 12 points or more on your licence within a three year period you can be disqualified from driving, more commonly known as ‘totting’ up. At Paul Robinson Solicitors we are specialists in Exceptional Hardship, where Courts will hear specially prepared cases examining any exceptional reason not to disqualify the driver. We have strong track record of successful outcomes in these matters as a result of thoroughly prepared and well-presented cases.

We understand the importance of keeping your driving licence and the impact that a motoring offence can have on you, particularly for the new driver and those who drive for an occupation. Anybody facing points on their licence would benefit from specialist legal advice as soon as possible.



Exceptional Hardship/Totting up procedures

Drink/drug driving

Special reasons

Dangerous/careless driving

Driving without a licence/insurance

Failing to stop/report an accident


Use of a mobile phone

Failure to provide information of the driver (s.172 notice)


At Paul Robinson Solicitors we can assist by making representations to the Crown Prosecution Service to review the decision to prosecute. In some circumstances, proceedings are withdrawn without the need to attend court.

Operating an out of hours number, emergency advice and assistance is available 24/7.

Call on us when you need us most: 01702 338 338

01702 342525 (emergency out of hours number)

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