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| 16 January 2018

Paul Robinson Solicitors awarded a Bronze Award!

Paul Robinson Solicitors awarded a Bronze Award for helping to raise an incredible £340,569 through our Will Service offered in partnership with Cancer Research UK!

Through our successful partnership with Cancer Research UK, we have received a bronze award in recognition of the amount of money that we have helped raise through our partnership with them, which all goes towards Cancer Research UK.

What is the importance of making a will?

A will is an incredibly important legal document, which in essence puts in place how your estate should be distributed when you pass away and who should be in control of administering this process, in exact accordance with your wishes. 

If you do not make a Will, your estate will be distributed according to the rules of intestacy, which may well produce outcomes which were contrary to your intentions and create the potential for more stress for your loved ones at an already difficult time. 

Sadly, approximately 40% of adults don’t actually have Wills when they pass away. Our partnership with Cancer Research UK aims at reducing this figure, by encouraging more people to write Wills with the assistance of legal expertise and of course, if people so desire, donating whatever they see fit in their Wills to support Cancer Research UK, or any other charity that is close to their heart.

How can we help?

If you are interested in making a Will, we would strongly advise getting advice from solicitors on drafting your Will so you can be as well informed as possible when making it.

At Paul Robinson Solicitors we have a department of specialists dedicated to offering advice and drafting your Will exactly in accordance with your wishes and would be happy to help. 
Please feel free to contact us on 01702 338 338 for our Southend and Benfleet branches or 01277 500123 for Billericay to arrange a free half hour consultation.

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